D5 VARIO 8-24V Pump w/TACH cable option (MCP655 and etc.)

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Part Number: D5T VARIO
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Product Description

Original LAING D5 Vario pump.

This is the variable speed pump model.  Teh D5 Vario will outperform D5 Strong pump at standard 12V power when it set at max speed 5 level.  Some reports suggest that running this pump at 24v does not make much difference and doesn't worth it.

Specifications Pump:

•Max Capacities:  5.5GPM
•Max Head: 16’
•Pipe Connections: ½” Barb Connection
•Maximum Working Pressure: 50 PSI
•Maximum Temperature: 140° F (60c)
•Rotation: counter clockwise when viewed from the motor end
Motor: Electronically Commutated DC Spherical Motor
•8-24 Volt DC
•Automatic Overload Protection
•Low In-Rush Current
•Laing original model name: D5T Vario/810N

Attention: Custom sleeved service is not refundable. Sleeving job is done at Daz' best effort  at his free time and will delay your order.  Photos of available sleeving colors HERE.

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Silent and Reliable - By Addicted2Rad at 08/23/2013

Money well spent on this pump. Very quiet once the loop is bled and even when it's run full tilt at it's max settings. It's also well known for it's reliability. Been running 2 of these with a cpu/2xgpu block and 5 rads with about 16' of tubing or more without any issues.

Best pump - By Stephane at 08/23/2013

The best pump i have, I have 3 different ddc pump, and a strong d5 And this one is the best Silent, no vibration an lot of power, I will never buy another pump than this one

Great Solution - By Shawn H at 08/23/2013

Great solution, cannot go wrong with Laing variant. Very quiet, can easily do three blocks and 560 rad set on number 2.

Just great - By Isaac O at 11/04/2013

I've read reviews, alot of them, on the internet and decided to go with this pump... and it's perfect. I've settled it to the speed rate 3 and I cannot hear a thing, really surprised with the result. If I had to rechoose a pump, I wouldn't hesitate and get this one again.

Good choice! - By Trevor H at 12/01/2013

Cant go wrong with this pump! Very quiet, reliable, and strong! Highly recommended.

So quiet yet so powerful... - By Kevin I at 01/15/2014

If you mount the pump properly with noise and vibration insulations. You won't hear any noises by running at max power (5) 24v.

Water cooling first timer, amazing product. - By Sager M at 12/31/2015

Spent days researching water cooling pumps, decided to buy this one. Cooling my CPU and 2x R9 390x with great temps, dropped from (86c to 50c). Quite, powerful & efficient. Bought it on (02/17/2015) and still running to this day without issues. That is why I felt the need to write a review on this great pump.

Liang D5/ MCP655 veteran - By MattZehr at 05/06/2016

my pump just died. its been running 24/7 since 2007. i think that says enough. It started to make noise and lasted about a week after that before finally puking. I will be buying another one of the same pump to replace it as 9 years running 24/7 in computer terms is phenomenal!

Legend - By Tommy V at 09/23/2016

Enough Said. Pro's - The best pump ever made - Easy to disassemble and clean (be gentle if you're using air; I just ran water through it from one bucket to another) Con's - None Pro Tip: NEVER run this thing without being full of water (fill your resevoir immediately and stop it immediately when low) and she'll treat you like gold

Nice and cooling beast - By liza-marie s at 11/07/2016

Use this pump is my custom loop. After review decide to go with d5 vario. Very quiet and cooling performance is good.Paired with ekwb supremacy, ekwb 360 rad ans ekwb 420 rad

Reliable and Quiet - By Joe V at 07/28/2017

Been using this pump for a long time now. It's very quiet, and hasn't caused any concerns. Paired with the EK pump top and vibration dampener, I'd recommend it to anyone wanting a solid D5 pump. Currently it's working through 2 Quad rads, CPU and 2 x 980TI blocks on 3/8x5/8 tubing.

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