Laing DDC 3.1 Quiet 10W Pump ( MCP350, DDC-T1 )

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Part Number: DDC 3.1
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Product Description

DazMode DDC 3.1

This the quiet version of DDC will work best for low noise system with limited space.

Technical Data

Max head: 11'
Rated voltage: 12 Volt DC
Power consumption: DDC 3.1, 10W (max. 12 Watt)
Voltage range: 8 to 13,2 Volt (Minimum startup Voltage 9 Volt!)
Acceptable media: Water, Water-/Glycol Mixtures (Feser One, DazMode Protector)**
Max. system pressure: 21.75 PSI
Max. system temperature: 140° F (60c)
Pipe Connections: 3/8"
Laing original model name: DDC-3.1TPMP

** check pump performance for mixtures of 20% or more glycol

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