Laing DDC 3.25 18W Pump w/ TACH cable ( MCP355, PMP-400, DDC-T1 Plus )

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Product Description

DazMode STORM DDC 3.25

This the the highest performer pump within DDC pumps family. It also beats D5 for head pressure (but not by the flow rate value).

Technical Data

Max Head: 23'
Rated voltage: 12 Volt DC
Power consumption: DDC 3.25, 18W (max. 20Watt)
Voltage range: 8 to 13,2 Volt (Minimum startup Voltage 9 Volt!)
Acceptable media: Water, Water-/Glycol Mixtures (Feser One, DazMode Protector)**
Max. system pressure: 21.75 PSI
Max. system temperature: 140° F (60c)
Pipe Connections: 3/8"
Laing original model name: DDC-3.25TPMP

Attention: Custom sleeved service is not refundable. Sleeving job is done at Daz' best effort  at his free time and will delay your order.  Photos of available sleeving colors HERE.

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Daz Mode Storm DDC 3.25 Pumps - By gerald n at 08/23/2013

Using 4 of these in one of my rigs, 2 loops with 2 pumps in series. Not quite as quiet as the D5's but when used with a good foam pad and a slight reduction in voltage they are good as gold. they seem to push a sub-zero glycol mixture quite easily in one of my loops so that is all I could ever ask for. Love the fact that they are very compact to fit them into places others would not fit. Highly recommend these pumps !

Run form fan Controller - By Brian T at 01/09/2014

Been running a couple of these pumps in separate builds, from 30/channel fan controllers for a little over a year now. Turned down to 3750 RPM these run silent. Best pump for a tight build imho.

Love my Storm DDC - By Rob P at 04/13/2014

Just a fantastic little pump. I run mine at full speed, decoupled from the case and it can not be heard. Even though my fans are really quite quiet. Some people question the reliability, but my system has been running 24/7 for over 17 months without a hiccup. Make sure you have some air space under the pump, it can get hot. I have mine in the exhaust path of my main intake fans. This helps to keep it cool. I'm very pleased with mine I'm sure it will be following me to my next build.

Disappointed :( - By Michel S at 08/27/2015

I went against the voice in my head and ventured away from the D5 Varios & into a ddc 3.25 20 watt. I was excited to add a second loop to my build. So i bought ddc 3.25 and got heat sink and nice EK pump-top. Installed it and was DOA. I love the looks of the pump and the size. Really wish i was writing a good experience. 2 stars for aesthetics for now. I will leave another review after i receive the replacement.

The Little Pump that Could - By Ryan F at 10/16/2015

I had my DDC 3.25 for nearly 3 years. It did a fine job up until a couple weeks ago when it just couldn't carry on. The failure was most likely my own doing though, was in an area with zero air flow and mounted with double sided tape on the bottom. Heat probably strained it over the years. Would recommend though as it can clearly take a beating and still operate for a decent amount of time.

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