DUAL Set 3mm DarkSide Connect Modular LED - WHITE

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Product Description

DarkSide Connect LED introduces a modular power cable design.

It allows you to select the best power cable  for your modding LED. It also makes it easy to change to another type of connectivity without replacing the entire LED product or/and combine it with other LED CONNECT products.

Dual set consists of two DarkSide CONNECT LEDs and a selectable Y-cable option. Each LED has a pre-sleeved 16" (40cm) wire with female CONNECT connector. 

DarkSide Connect LED will help you with building your unique computer to perfection.


  • LED Color: WHITE ____
  • LED Head Size:  3mm
  • Operating voltage: ~6v-12v (min-to-max brightness)
  • Power Wire Type: 40cm (16"), modular (CONNECT Female)
  • Selectable CONNECT Male Y-cable:  10cm (4")
  • Sleeveing: Jet Black HD sleeving

REMINDER: Do not forget to select your DARKSIDE CONNECT cable option from the drop down menu above or you can explore for more DarkSide Connect Options  >HERE<

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Perfect for EK CPU waterblock - By Sepehr S at 06/30/2016

Good quality cables and LEDS, fits perfectly on the EK EVO supremacy cpu block. Exactly the same quality/appearance as pictured.

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