EK-DCP 4.0 High Performance Water Pump


Part Number: EK-DCP 4.0
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Product Description

The EK-MCP 4.0 Water Pump is the ideal accessory for even hardest enthusiasts and their water cooling systems, and is compatible with the all standard water cooling system setups. The EK-MCP 4.0 will easily integrate with the latest water blocks and can achieve up to 800L / hour with its compact, powerful and low-noise design.

Extremely reliable and ultra-quiet, the EK-DCP pump will work silently to ensure your cooling system operates at its peak and makes the most for your hardware overclocking potential.

Model: EK-DCP 4.0
Rated voltage: DC12V +/-10%
Starting voltage: DC 8V above
Power Consumption: 18W +/-10%
Load current: 1.8A +/-10%
Q-max: 800 L/hr +/-10%
H-max.: 4.0m +/-10%
Size: 75 x 54 x 66mm
life Expectancy: 50000/hrs at 25
Noise: 24.5 dB

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