Feser One - Cooling Fluid - Pure BLUE

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Part Number: F1 Pure Blue
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Product Description

Liquid for PC Liquid Cooling Systems
Content: 1000 ml
Non Conductive
Color: Pure Blue  (no UV-properties)



Feser One - the only coolant you will ever need!

(!) Do not mix this coolant with any other aftermarket additives, this may compromise the non conductive formula.

(!) Do not mix colours in this coolant

(!) Do not mix different colour Feser One coolants together, chemical reactions can occur.

No other additives are needed, we have 4 anti corrosives chemicals inside!

Regular changes are advised (maximum 1 year).

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Good product - By Christian at 06/19/2014

Ordered this for my first loop. Works fine for now, good looking.

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