! Hard Tube Straight Fitting 10/12mm - Black

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Part Number: DS-0538
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Product Description

Product Description

Straight fitting for 12mm OD Rigid Tube. 

Includes one spare o-ring.


  • Thread : G1/4"
  • Color: Black 
  • Thread Length : 5MM
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Excellent, economical fitting - By Teni E at 09/27/2016

Just keep in mind I said "economical" and not cheap. These are close to the Bitspower fittings for a fraction of the price, and without the golden dragons on them. They only really differ in the fact that the compression collar is a bit deeper than on Bitspower, but this is usually a non-issue unless you have a tubing bend very close to the end of the tube. In one way they are a slight improvement because the base part of the fitting actually has dual rubber o-rings in it versus the single in the Bitspower fittings. This is a subtle difference but this usually means that the fitting base will grab your tube better and hold it more straight, which is really important when you are putting multiple bends in the tube and want it to be precise. Excellent fitting for an excellent price. I have these in both my Project Zed build (in white) and my water cooled Corsair 350D server and they are great.

Surprise by the quality. - By liza-marie s at 11/07/2016

Seriously is a good quality fitting. Screw very well, price is good for order 2 for extra(for my gpu block to come)

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