Gentle Typhoon Performance Radiator Fan - 2150rpm, 68cfm - Black Edition

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Product Description

Gentle Typhoon - Black Edition . Just few fans left. next delivery summer 2016.

Attention: Custom sleeved fans are not returnable. Sleeving job is done at Daz best effort  and will delay your order for at least one business day (max 3). See pictures of complete sleeving for result looks. Heatshrink is always black color. Photos of available sleeving colors HERE.



High Performance:

The GentleTyphoon achieves high airflow volume and low noise with special 9-blade impeller, enabling silent cooling of the latest devices which run very hot. 

Silent Operation: 
The GentleTyphoon has a different type of tone. The fan propeller is designed to reduce the disturbing frequency fan noise to human ears.

Innovative Technology: 

The unique designed motor and motor support mechanism of the GentleTyphoon uses custom double vibration reduction structure to greatly reduce vibration.



  • Speed:  2150RPM
  • Air performance : 68.8CFM
  • Noise: 34db (25cm from the fan, free air)
  • Power: 12VDC, 0.123A (0.63A peak max)
  • Operational voltage range: 5-12V (~900rpm-2150rpm)
  • Bearing: Ball
  • Expected life: 100000h/35c or 55000h/60c
  • Appearance: Full black
  • Dimensions:  119 x 119 x 25 mm / 4.68 x 4.68 x 0.98 in

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Okay fan if you dont use a controller - By Steven S at 01/03/2014

Okay fan, Do not buy if you plan to use with fan controller!! These fans make a rather annoying ticking type sound between ~ 84-90% voltage. Fan controller I'm using : Aaquaero 5 LT. This would make an okay fan for someone who will run it at 100% continuously.

Excellent Fans - By Dinujan K at 01/15/2014

Currently undervolting them to 7V. Pushing out more air with less noise than my Noctua FLX 140mm fan(ULN adapter). Would buy 4 more for push-pull if it weren't so expensive.

Love those fans - By Daz B at 01/16/2014

I have 11 of those fans in my Venom build slowed down to about 1500rpm. Rig rans extremely quiet and I don't even speed them up while gaming. Shame fans were discontinued as Scythe and Nidec cannot come to terms of cooperation. Enjoy while it last.

Best rad fans ever! - By William W at 06/22/2014

These 2150rpm AP-45s are by FAR the best rad fans ever made. They are even better than their more popular AP-15 little brothers. Well, they are essentially the same fan as the AP-14 or AP-15 except these AP-45s can ramp up even further if/when needed. I have more than a dozen of all three fans and love them all, but these AP-45s are the best! They are best used on a good fan controller though, something with a nice clean DC signal like a CW611 or an Aquaero. I would not recommend using these without a fan controller, and would discourage using them with a cheapie controller or you're liable to find this fan, like so many others including all of the Gentle Typhoon lineup, doesn't always like the flickering current modulation from low-end controllers especially at certain speeds. I figured this out the hard way do you don't have to.

Amazing Quality Quiet and Powerful !! - By Michel S at 05/22/2015

I thought i was buying some amazing fans before (Koolance - 120mm 2600rpm performance fan for radiators) well these Gentle Typhoon Performance Radiator Fan - 2150rpm, 68cfm - Black Edition i bought are bad to the bone. They pump as much air through my Alphacool NexXxos 360 Monsta 86mm thick Radiator as the Koolance fan does if not more and they are whisper quiet. Awesome fan it's worth the money all day long. I suggest these fans to any one that wants the best fan out there. :)

Excellent and flexible fan - By Teni E at 05/27/2015

I have six of these in the top of my Fractal Arc Mini R2 case set up on a 360mm radiator by Swiftech. I originally had 6 x Corsair SP120 and at 1300 RPM they were OK, but there was a constant motor whine, presumably because they are situated horizontally in the top of the case. I replaced them with 6 of these and while airflow noise is still about the same at equivalent speeds, the motor makes very little noise. I am undervolting them to 40-60% of fan speed with an NZXT Grid+ fan controller and they are amazingly quiet and effective. Outside of the NoiseBlocker eLoops nothing comes close to either radiator, or airflow use and these fans are very, very highly recommended. My only gripe is a small, self-inflicted one, that if the fan gets an impact to the blade assembly it can cause the hub to go slightly off-centre and the fan will vibrate more than usual, but it still doesn't make any more motor noise if this occurs. One of my two favourite fans for my PCs and it's great that Daz has brought them "back in black" for a price much cheaper than inferior fans!

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