DUAL CONNECT Extension - 12" (30cm) Dual-Ended LED Strip - UV Rev4

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Part Number: DS-0381
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Product Description

Dual CONNECT(ed) lights were created from our customers feedback who suggested to join multiple DarkSide LED lights into one longer light.

Each light comes with a Female connector on one end (to connect to power source) and with a Male connector on the opposite end (to attach to another DarkSide CONNECT LED).  

You can connect multiple 12" LED strips together. However, we do not recommend to link more than four LEDs directly to one motherboard header. Also note that many motherboard default fan header's voltage to 5v which is not enough for UV light to lit, you need to ensure that voltage is 12v in BIOS.


  • LED Color: UV Rev4 ____
  • PCB : Custom 30cm
  • LED count: 27
  • Operating voltage: ~6v-12v (min-to-max brightness)
  • Power consumption: 2.5W 
  • Power Wire Type: 7cm, modular (CONNECT Male) and 7cm, modular (CONNECT Female)
  • Sleeveing: Jet Black HD sleeving


  • 1x LED Strip
  • 2x Adhesive Tape (5x40mm)
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