UBER PURE KILLCOIL 99.9991% Silver Wire 0.25mm - 250mm - #1 useless product for watercooling


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Product Description

DazMode Notes: 

1) In light of recent controversy with watercooling additives and Nickel plating corrosion, we have sourced purest available silver wire (5 nines) to minimize potential impact of silver impurities on waterblocks nickel plating.
2) Also, note that Silver wire works only as natural biocide and does nothing to prevent corrosion processes that may occur in your loop due to presence of impurities such as Zinc and Pb in radiators solder. ROHS certified radiator's pose lower risks. Use DazMode Protector as complete solution instead.

3) Please, note that use of Silver Coil voids warranty of Koolance and EK Waterblcoks products.

Impurities ICP-AES analysis report (certificate of analysis) :
Purity: 99.9991%
Al, Be, In, ni, Pd, Si, Zn, Ge, Mg, Pb, Pt, Sn - not detected
Au - 6 ppm
Cu - 1 ppm
Fe  - 2ppm

The 250mm of  purest (99.9991% metal base) 0.25mm Silver Wire for making your own KillCoil.

Wire can be easily bent to any shape you like to fit inside your tube or reservoir. 

Silver adds anti-microbial property (only) to distilled water inside your water cooling loop.

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