DarkSide Digital RGB LED 5v DC Kit (1 meter)

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  • Brand: DarkSide

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The Digital LED is the type of RGB LED that allows individually control lighting mode of each separate LED microchip. This kind of LED are also known as lights with individually controlled LED.

This modding kit consists of one-meter flexible DLED stip with adhesive backing tape and manual mini-controller with 40 built-in lighting affects and speed control (i.e., how fast animation is changing) function.

Scope delivery:

  • 1x DLED with adhesive packing and power cable with 3-pin fan connector
  • 1x 12v Manual DLED controller and power cable with 4-pin MOLEX connector with pass-through.

Compatibility notes (in progress):

We connected Corsair DLED to our controller, and it worked fine, so we assume that our DLED would work with Corsair controller after connector modification. We plan to test with Gigabyte Z370 motherboard shortly and welcome our customer feedback to expand our list.

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