Indigo Xtreme SINGLE UNIT for Socket Intel LGA755

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This is single unit for addtional applications. 

Remeber that for successful application you must have proper surface preparation by using cleaning solution.



Indigo™ is an ultra-high performing phase change metal alloy (PCMA) thermal interface solution (TIM) that fits neatly between a component and heat sink or coldplate. Unlike greases, metallic thermal interface pads or liquid metal alloys, Indigo is a self-contained and sealed structure, deploying a PCMA which reflows and fills surface asperities. The resultant interfacial layer is void-free and robust, with low thermal contact and bulk resistance.

With its innovative design and excellent surface wetting, Indigo offers the following advantages for high heat flux applications:

High Thermal Performance

  • Bulk thermal conductivity >20 W/mK
  • Thermal Impedance < 0.04°C-cm2/W (@ min. BLT)

High Reliability

  • Fully sealed structure – no mess or migration
  • Most consistent performance – applies the correct amount of alloy every time
  • Gallium-free

Fully Reworkable

  • Fully compatible with copper and aluminum surfaces
  • Peel-and-stick application
  • Easy clean up – just peel to remove


  • Indigo passes TIM2 environmental test conditions for OEM servers with negligible performance change over end-of-line (EOL)
  • Independent tests confirm Indigo is highest performing, fully reworkable TIM available today

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