Ice Dragon Nano Fluid Concentrate 250ml – Rev 2

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History of Making

The research that led to the creation of Ice Dragon Coolingbegan in the early part of 2007.  Dale McCants was pursuing his PhD in Mechanical Engineering at the University of South Carolina, and Andrew Hayes had left the Air Force Research Lab to do post-doc work on the project.

The project began with the creation of the flow loop. This was built entirely from scratch. It could flow water/nanofluid at a flow rate of almost 50gpm through a 2in x 2in square channel. Inside the square channel was a heated flat plate that had thermocouples equally spaced down the center line in the direction of flow.  The loop also had a liquid-to-liquid heat exchanger that controlled the fluid temperature inside the loop.

Data was collected at various flow rates. We also compared various kinds of nanofluids made up of different amounts of different nanoparticles to that of water. By knowing the fluid properties, flow rate, heat input, temperatures of the fluid and the plate we were able calculate the convective coefficient for the particular fluid. This let us compare the different fluids and determine which one was the best performing fluid.


  • This is new and improved ID liquid in concentrated form allows to make 1L of Ice Dragon Nano fluid when deluted with Double Distilled Water (750ml)
  • ID liquid reques no replacement during lifetime of your computer. Before using,  you must clean your liquid cooling system toughly.
  • This liquid compatible with Mayhems dyes if coloring is desired.
  • Not compatible with aluminum radiators (in case there are still non-very-bright people who may use such thing).
  • 8 year shelf life.


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