Protium 250mm / large Black / Acetal

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Welcome to a new era in liquid cooling. Our goal is to shake up the market, to cause quite literally a renaissance of new ideas and creations. We have the edge when it comes to experience and the fact that we are true enthusiasts not focused only on profits. As enthusiasts we just want to see the technology advance more quickly. We need more variety, more competition, more ideas, more imagination, more creativity and better tech!

After 15 years of creating the most extreme water-cooled PCs on the planet I have decided that the products currently on the market are not enough.

Protium like all of our products is refined in ways only possible from years of water-cooling experience. The caps can be rotated to face any direction thanks to our aluminium retention ring design. This also means that you don’t have the problem of an acrylic on acrylic thread which can be difficult to tighten. Protium is designed for maximum compatibility with 7 ports. The 90 degree ports allow for hidden inlets or outlets. We have created a feature with our caps with three different materials/finishes to choose from. With the addition of a single LED the acrylic caps can light up part of your build and cause the coolant to glow. The frosted acrylic version works as a light diffuser and creates a beautiful soft glow.

All of the components are CNC milled, carved from a solid block. All of our aluminium components are anodized for the most high quality and durable finish possible. Crystal clear polished Acrylic, precision machined Acetyl or evenly frosted Acrylic.

Protium reservoirs work perfectly with Ethereal and Core Reservoir Mounts.



  • Diameter: 60mm.
  • Length: 250mm.
  • Full Reservoir Length: 314mm.
  • Package Dimensions: 330x85x85mm.
  • Weight: 0.5KG.
  • Material: Aluminium, Acrylic, Acetyl.
  • Finish: Frosted, Polished, Milled.
  • Ports: 7.
  • Volume: 500ml.
  • O-rings: Silicon White.

Included Items:

  • 60mm Acrylic Reservoir Tube.
  • Aluminium Retention Rings x2.
  • End Cap 90 Degree Quad Port.
  • End Cap Triple Port.
  • G1/4″ Internal Acrylic Flow Tube.
  • G1/4″ Plug Fittings x5.
  • Silicon o-rings x2.

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