SECOND QUALITY – Feser Tube UV Hose – 1/2″ ID – 3/4″ OD – CLEAR/NOT UV

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ATTENTION: This tube has manufacturer defect with small amount raw material (pellets) being not melted completely, which resulted “blobs” of plastic across inner and out surface of the tube, i.e. surface is not smooth. Sold as is with 60% off.


Active UV Hose for Liquid Cooling Systems
Size: ID 1/2” – OD 3/4” – WT 1/8”
Material: PVC
Color: Clear /NOT UV ACTIVE
Custom lenght cut. Price is per 1ft.

Made in Germany

DazMode mini-review: This is clear, semi-transparent (slightly frosted) tube with no UV properties. 

Feser Tube is a high-quality hose, which should be sufficient for the highest requirements within the watercooling range. TFC made certain, that a close bending radius can be achieved with it, without causing a kink in the hose. The material consists of a special polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and makes the hose extremely flexible.

The smooth surface of Feser hose inside and outside, improves the flow rate of the water. Additionally a large interior cross section makes this hose ideal for high end pumps as it creates less back pressure and helps to maximise the pump’s lifetime. The smooth external surface lets the hose appear very noble. Feser Tube naturally possesses a „TFC – Feser Tube“ signature. Thus you cannot mistake this hose for any other. The Logo is applied to the hose every 800mm and can be cut out if not wanted.

Unique colours can be achieved if you add a different colour water additive than the Feser Tube. With the addition of UV active materials, so-called artificial tracers, the hose begins to glow when ultraviolet light hits the material in the hose. For this effect you only need a CCFL / UV Cold Cathode light tube which is already available from your local Feser Company Reseller or Distributor.
Break tension    10 MPa (100 bar)
Bend Radius Max (Percentage)    420 %
Minimum working temperature    – 30 °C
Maximum working temperature    + 70 °C
Quality Control – Made in Germany

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