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Welcome to new DazMode Store!

Hello everybody!

We are happy to have spankin brand new webstore for you!

Our older system was obsolete for some time with no updates or new features available, except through custom coding to fix the most pressing issues which continue to multiply.

With new and modern platform we have unlocked a lot of possibilities to make the store more exciting.

Here are Seven the most notable new features available with the initial release of DazMode store Revision 4:

  1. Finally! We have discount coupons system. Amen to that!
  2. New Reward Points with Perks, such as free Points for Reviews and Archiving various targets.
  3. More clear products Warranty management and Service tickets system with message exchange history.
  4. Less confusing checkout pages with better error handling
  5. Dynamic shipping quotes! No more going to check pages out to find out the shipping cost options.
  6. Working and customisable Gift Certificates!
  7. New Product Reviews with advanced features such as voting on review to be helpful, be able to come back and change your review and sort reviews by the most useful or the most recent.

Few things we have to leave behind as result of poor compatibility and corrupted data:

  1. Existing Product Reviews.  Not moving those is heartbreaking.
  2. Your prior order history. Don’t panic! We will keep Old Store accessible until 2019. Everything in one place would be ideal, but not visible to do.

Hope you enjoy the new site, we put a lot of hours and resources into making it happen.


Daz and Natalie

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