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The Lightbringer by Kaidis (2018)


Motherboard – ASUS Strix z370-i mITX

CPU – i7 8086k Delidded/Thermal Grizzly Conductonaut/Rockitcool Copper IHS

GPU – nVidia Titan xP Jedi order special edition

Memory – 16gb(2×8) Corsair Vengeance pro rgb 3200mhz ddr4

PSU – Corsair hx850i


M.2 SSD – Samsung 970 evo 500gb (x2)

Cooling components:

CPU – Watercool Heatkiller IV nickel

GPU – Watercool Heatkiller IV nickel w/ Heatkiller IV backplate

Pump – Goulds water technologies Vario D5

Radiators – Front mounted NexXxos st45 280mm
Top mounted NexXxos xt30 240mm slim

Reservoir – Watercool Heatkiller Tube150

Hardline Fittings – Thermaltake 16mm

Angled Fittings – Dazmode Darkside and EK 90 degree fittings

Drain Valve – Dazmode Darkside ball valve system

Misc fittings – Dazmode Darkside, swiftech male/male extensions, TT 4 way splitter, TT flow direction.

Tubing – Dazmode darkside (if I have time I’m going to attempt some borosilicate and if it works out I’ll be using that but otherwise 100% PETG)

Custom made (my first ever set) and instructed by Mr. Pipebomb!(gotta give him credit for teaching me how to make them!)

Sleeving – Dazmode Darkside UV Blue, Titanium Grey, and Gold

Wire – 18awg

Connectors – Mainframe Customs and Dazmode

Pins – Mainframe Customs

Combs – Nanoxia CoolForce aluminum


custom made diffused LED channel set as a halo under the case top and custom mounted with riser screws and an aluminum channel for radiator clearance under the case top since caselabs no longer makes the extended tops, I made my own solution! LEDs are corsair strips.

Ssd bay cover, hand made and sculpted to resemble a Libram, from wire mesh and polymer clay, hand painted with acrylic paints. And some small Clay ornaments based on a paladin theme such as; scrolls, librams, and banners.

all exterior case detail paint work was done in vinyl as stencils, or taped off patterns. As well as lettering in golden dwarvish runes which say “Lightbringer” on the case top.

all the mod work is done by hand, with no large machinery. Biggest piece of equipment I use is my other computer to make vinyl patterns lol. The rest is hand drills, saws, files, knives, paint, and pliers… and occasionally bolt cutters……. (just kidding, they’re just in a bunch of my pictures I’ve taken so far haha)

Want to give an enormous thank you to Dazmode and all of our competition sponsors, judges and competitors! You guys make doing this so much more fun. Whether I fall hard on my face or win a prize, I’m just happy to be a member of such an amazing community of enthusiastic and imaginative people!

Good luck everyone! MOD ON!!!!